Why not Missouri?

As we approach Independence Day and as summer heats up, there is no better time to think about Missouri’s energy needs now and in the future.  As air conditioners run and irrigation systems water our crops and lawns, we are blessed with great access to resources that power our needs.

However, the need to upgrade Missouri’s outdated energy infrastructure is never more pressing. Missouri’s outdated energy policy continues to slow progress, discouraging investment and business development in the energy sector.

Just this week an underground energy vault caught fire in downtown St. Louis shutting down multiple city blocks, causing the evacuation of one of St. Louis’ largest office buildings.  While no one was injured and power was quickly restored, this is a prime example of why Missouri’s policymakers must focus on infrastructure upgrades and regulatory improvements next session.

Recently, Ameren’s President and CEO Tom Voss candidly expressed in this St. Louis Business Journal article his disappointment that the Infrastructure Strengthening and Regulatory Streamlining Act (ISRS) was filibustered in the Missouri Senate.

Voss highlighted his company’s plan to invest over $600 million in the next decade to modernize electrical infrastructure in ILLINOIS! Almost 500 new jobs will be created because of it.

Why not Missouri?  While not passing ISRS is a piece of the grander puzzle, our policies have not changed in 100 years.

Missouri needs to upgrade its approach and pass forward-thinking energy legislation.  Our families, homes and businesses depend on it.

Have a great and safe holiday.


Irl L. Scissors, Executive Director

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