Update: Tax cut/Rate cap Energy Legislation Leads to Boost in Renewable Energy and Eco-Devo in Missouri

Summer is finally behind us and there is a chill in the air. Don’t let the chill come into your house though.  The U.S. Department of Energy provides some easy energy saving tips HERE.  So turn your thermostats down, change your filters, seal up drafty windows, and save yourself some $$$.

Even though the temperature outside is dropping, the sun still shines and the wind still blows, which means there is ample opportunity for Missouri to generate its own renewable energy. Thanks in great part to the passage of SB564 last legislative session, Missouri consumers and utilities alike are benefiting from more locally sourced renewable energy.

On the eastern side of the state, Ameren Missouri is launching its Community Solar program allowing individuals and business owners to purchase solar energy directly generated from a new solar facility to be built near St. Louis Lambert International Airport. By enrolling, individuals can purchase up to half of their annual energy from this local and affordable energy source.  See this article in the Missouri Times for more information.

In central Missouri, our flagship institution, the University of Missouri – Columbia continues to study the economic impact of local wind energy generation. Students are going out into the field to find the best wind generating locations and prospects for economic development. Take their survey and track their progress HERE!

On the west side, wind farms are popping up in strategic locations. Empire District Electric is making major moves toward more wind power as it plans to construct a wind farm in southwest Missouri bringing new jobs and economic development to that area.

And in northeast Missouri, Ameren Missouri continues its investment in infrastructure and new jobs by building what will be the largest wind farm in the state. The 700 megawatt project will support upwards of 500 construction jobs and create a valuable tax base for the local communities.

More locally generated renewable energy, cheaper electric rates for the long-term, things are looking bright in Missouri!

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