What’s At Stake?

Keys to a better future

Upgrade Energy Infrastructure/Regulatory Reform

Today’s over 100 year old regulatory structure discourages investments in our aging infrastructure, which ultimately could harm the reliability of the energy we need to power our homes and businesses. It also impedes increased use of newer energy technologies. What’s worse these outdated laws add to costs for consumers by drawing out the process that determines utility rates while favoring special interests, lawyers and lobbyists.

Other states around the nation have already acted to update their regulatory structure, and the benefits are apparent. Not only are jobs increasing as construction starts on projects to update infrastructure, but companies who are looking for locations to place their businesses are taking advantage of friendlier regulatory environments. Missouri must do all we can to create the conditions that allow businesses to thrive and create jobs in our state.

Investments in Smart Grid and Cybersecurity

Not only do our state’s electric polls, wires and substations need upgrading, but the controls that monitor our energy usage and efficiency need immediate attention to bring our grid up to 21st century standards.  SmartGrid technology allows utilities and consumers greater control and transparency providing more reliable and efficient service at a greater cost savings.  Investments in technology will also provide assurances that Missouri’s energy supply and consumer data are safe and secure from cyber attacks. 


Missouri continues to harness energy from its own renewable sources.  The residential solar market has grown exponentially since the passage of 2008’s Proposition C, Missouri’s Renewable Energy Standard.  We are also seeing an influx of utility scale solar plants popping up across the state, which will further add to Missouri’s renewable goals.

MBEF is encouraged by the latest agreement, which could lead to the use of technology to burn more crop residues and less coal.  This could lead to fewer pollutants in our air and another revenue stream for Missouri farmers. MBEF supports these efforts to bring clean generated electricity online in Missouri as it leads to job creation and economic development.

Nuclear Energy

There is no debate that nuclear power plants provide clean and reliable energy. These plants also provide jobs and boost the economies in their local communities. For example, Ameren’s nuclear plant in Callaway County, Mo., which has been operating safely and efficiently since 1984, provides electricity for about 780,000 households. It also employs more than 1,000 workers and generates $9 million in annual tax revenue to the county.

MBEF continues to support U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) research and funding for Small Modular Reactors (SMRs).  The University of Missouri, Columbia and The Missouri University of Science & Technology continue to be research hubs for cutting edge nuclear technology and supply chain analysis.

MBEF continues to endorse and encourage legislative initiatives that might bring more affordable and clean power sources to our state.

Reaping the benefits

Affordable Electricity

Missouri consumers already pay some of the lowest energy rates in the nation. Given the need to replace our aging power plants and infrastructure, it is vital that Missouri keep all energy options on the table since that may be the state’s best strategy for keeping future costs low.