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Missouri’s outdated regulatory structure is holding us back. These over 100-year-old laws discourage investment in forward-thinking energy technology that could secure our economic and energy future.

What’s more, these laws are keeping us from updating our aging infrastructure. Coal plants that currently provide 80% of our state’s electric power are, on average, less than 20 years from retirement. These plants are growing more and more expensive to maintain, which is threatening Missouri’s historically low energy rates. That’s why Missouri lawmakers must plan now to update this infrastructure so that we can plan to meet our state’s energy increasing energy demand in the future.

Updating these laws also will make Missouri more business-friendly and help us attract more jobs to the state. Affordable and reliable energy are among the most important factors companies consider when deciding where to place their operations, and improving our regulations would go a long way in ensuring we continue to bring jobs and economic investment to Missouri.

Help us tell legislators: our state can’t afford to wait. Make tomorrow’s energy needs, a priority today.