Your savings will not happen until the Missouri General Assembly takes action!

It is time for our legislators to step up and protect energy consumers from unexpected electric rate spikes. Passing the Rate Cut and Cap Act will ensure that Missouri builds smarter energy infrastructure that is more secure while saving consumers money with lower, more stable rates.

The Rate Cut and Cap Act will bring:

  • More stable bills: Passing this legislation would cap energy rates for the first time in Missouri and impose a three-year rate freeze, saving customers money and putting an end to the last decade of rate spikes.
  • Smarter energy: Using smart technologies, we can prevent power outages and restore power more quickly after an outage occurs. This legislation will build smarter, cleaner, and more renewable energy to Missouri.
  • More Secure Energy: As cyber-attacks become increasingly common and aggressive, the Rate Cut and Cap Act will provide the resources for energy companies to always stay one step ahead with advanced physical and cybersecurity protections.

The Missouri General Assembly has an opportunity to build a smarter, more secure, and more stable energy future for Missouri energy consumers by finally updating Missouri’s 100-year-old energy policies.
In 46 other states that have updated their energy policies, consumers have benefited from lower, more stable energy costs, job-creating smart infrastructure investments, and more secure energy grid. We can bring these benefits to Missouri’s energy consumers, but we need our elected officials to stand with us and pass the Rate Cut and Cap Act.